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Cornerstone Church


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Steve Harms


Steve is an Elder at Cornerstone.  He is married to Erika and they have two children.  They live in Coon Rapids and have been at Cornerstone since 2003. Steve works at Medtronic.  Steve re-joined the elder board in 2017 and in that role oversees the Finance Team and is Cornerstone's Finance Manager.

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Nathan Clanton


Nathan is married to Danielle and they have 2 sons. They live in Blaine and have been at Cornerstone since 2011. Nathan works in mortgage banking as an Underwriter.  Nathan joined the Elder board in June of 2017 and sees it as a privilege to serve the church in this capacity. He oversees the Small Group ministry as part of his role as Elder.

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Jeremy Lind



Pastor Jeremy grew up in Blaine, off HW 65, at Blaine International Village, and is excited to be back in the Northern Suburbs serving Cornerstone Church!

Pastor Jeremy can be reached at (763) 783-1983

Jeremy graduated with his Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary in 2012 and recieved the call to Cornerstone a few months later. He and his wife, Sarah, have LOVED seeing all the close friendships here, as well as the deep faith this church has in God!

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Giessi Lopez


Giessi joined the Elder Board as Chairman on February 2020. Giessi and his wife Ann have lived in Blaine since 2006 with their 3 children. They have attended Cornerstone also since 2006. Giessi is volunteering at Spring Lake Park FCA with the Middle School age students as his passion is youth. He looks forward to serving others and building relationships at church and others in his community.